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Established in 2001 Fawkes & Reece was launched with a clear vision of becoming a market leading recruiter across construction, house building and the civil engineering sectors.

The business has at all times relied upon traditional values such as a strong work ethic, team work and the idea of going the extra mile for our customers. We understand that hard work and commitment is appreciated by everyone in our sector; be they clients or candidates. We are committed to delivering a first class recruitment service.

We feel that consistency, loyalty from our staff and the loyalty that we, as a business demonstrate to our clients and candidates has helped us to be recognised for having our own style, approach and individuality.

As we find ourselves in a highly competitive industry and one that we are perfectly built for, an important part of our DNA is to care. Care about the level of service we provide, care about our corporate responsibilities and care about securing the right outcome for the parties we work with.

Today our values are upheld by a workforce of over 140 members of staff across 6 offices, who share in what the business believes in and stands for. With the benefit of core values, Fawkes & Reece has become the chosen and preferred recruitment partner to the very best names in the construction, house building and civil engineering sectors

Our approach paved the way to become one of London’s leading recruitment businesses, which has seen us navigate the credit crunch and recessions that followed and more recently the challenges brought on by Brexit and Covid. Throughout these, we have remained active, and as we approached our 20th year our focus turned towards wider growth across the UK.

In 2019 Alltek became part of the Fawkes & Reece Group and in doing so provided great depth and support both in the South and South West, but equally strengthening our delivery capability in the Civil Engineering sector – Find out more here.

In 2021 leading Northern based construction recruiter Bromak Ltd became part of Fawkes & Reece group as part of the next strategic step to achieve full UK coverage across the built environment to support our core clients across Midlands and North as well as bringing excellent method and experience into our blue-collar and teams specialising within House Building – Find out more here

Today Fawkes & Reece is well balanced recruitment business with a strong UK presence and professional teams specialising in core markets and capable of delivering local  talent to our clients and jobs to our candidates.

Specialist Industry Knowledge

A thorough understanding of our clients’ businesses is underpinned by our dedicated team of recruitment consultants, each of whom boasts specialist knowledge of their key industry sectors. High service levels are guaranteed by our accredited consultants who ensure each vacancy is managed properly from an early stage and that communication between all parties is fluid and consistent. This consummate approach is adopted throughout the entire recruitment process right through to placement and post-placement service.

Through years of exceptional service Fawkes & Reece has earned the privilege of preferred supplier status to a number of key clients. We understand the expectation for us in this capacity is to deliver a consistent high-quality service. From working with the most respected organisations in the industry we have gained a valuable understanding that allows us to shape our methods to our clients’ needs.

Fawkes & Reece has extensive resources to ensure we can meet our client’s requirements. Specialising in Permanent, blue collar and white collar freelance personnel, our experienced consultants have access to over 500,000 live candidates and one of the largest talent pools in the Construction industry. We have dedicated teams that specialise in core markets across construction, house building, social housing and rail and infrastructure. We are also one of the UK’s leading suppliers of trades and labour personnel and with a network of 6 offices across the UK can deliver local talent and expertise.

Choosing to work with Fawkes & Reece ensures you are aware of the best possible opportunities in the market. We have a proud history of supplying personnel to the most established clients in the technical and construction sectors and work closely to understand their requirements and align ourselves with their goals.

The quality of our relationship is encouraged with every contact we make; our candidates appreciate high levels of customer service and aftercare provided by our team. We ensure our candidates are well briefed and prepared for every assignment or step of the recruitment process so that they have the best opportunity to succeed in any aspect of their career move.

Fawkes & Reece has been identifying and selecting the best talent in the market for over 20 years across all areas of construction and the built environment. In this time we have built an extensive network of relationships with key contacts in the construction and technical markets. With this network we are well positioned to source candidates of varied specification and experience levels.

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