Social Value

Our Vision:

For a number of years Fawkes & Reece has worked with local communities and customers across the UK to support with CSR and ESG targets and initiatives.

As we have grown as a business, we have understood the important role and impact we can make to local communities through our own CSR and ESG commitments. We have now formed these together to create our social value initiative, targeting beneficial outcomes for communities and partners, rather than being based purely by policy or commitments.

Social Value In Action

Volunteering & Charity
We have selected two annual charities to support with fundraising and work with local organisations across our portfolio of offices to volunteer and support local initiatives.
Sustainability & Sourcing
Working within the built environment emphasises our need to support making a greener and more sustainable outlook across the construction sector and into the local communities.
Training & Apprentices
We pride ourselves on providing a platform for our own staff and candidates within the market. We are members of the 5% club and work with external training providers for a range of qualifications.
Local Employment
We are passionate about working with local communities and supporting with S106 agreements to make sure that local workers are given opportunities to enhance their own communities.

Our Annual Charity Partnerships 2023/24

We are delighted to be supporting the Harrison’s Fund and the Rainbow Trust as our annual charities throughout 2024.


Fawkes & Reeces’ approach to sustainability is focused on how we can positively impact those that we interact with which includes our customers, candidates and our teams across the UK. We are striving to support initiatives and implement our own as part of the continued development and growth within Fawkes & Reece.
As a business that operates within the built environment we understand the impact of projects on the environment and communities. We are passionate about supporting our customers initiatives and ensuring that as a partner we actively participate in initiatives that benefit the environment and the local communities.

If you are interested in hearing more information or would like to support with our social value initiatives please get in contact with our Head of Client Solutions – Gareth Richardson or check out our latest Social Value Document below:

F&R Social Value